Low-hanging Wires, the Arab and Officer Henderson

A few weeks ago, while talking about this upcoming trip, I noticed that auto-correct kept changing “the RV” into “the Arab;” her name has been The Arab ever since.

As I think I’ve mentioned before, we have had a couple issues figuring out how to maneuver this vehicle as it is much larger than either my mother or I are used to driving. The Arab isn’t a huge RV; it’s a C-class (with the overhang over the cab), about 22 feet long and 12 feet high, but far larger than a regular-sized car.

Which brings us to today’s adventure. We had a peaceful morning; a relaxed start out of Lake End Park outside Morgan City, Louisiana. We continued along south of I-10 through the Atchafalaya National Cultural Area, crossed through New Oeleans and over Lake Pontchartrain. Just an easy few hours to cross out of Louisiana, through Mississippi and Alabama, and into the panhandle of Florida. We were aiming for a restaurant called Jerry’s Drive-In for lunch in Pensacola. Jerry’s is described by the Road Food book as a really good burger joint which also serves things like deviled crab and popcorn shrimp. I was looking forward to trying the deviled crab roll. Alas when we arrived, we found that Jerry’s is closed on Sundays.

Leaving the parking lot, Linda suggested we cross into “that wide parking lot” just across the street to do a u-turn to get back to our planned route. Ok. Successful u-turn completed. Neither of us noticed how low overhead the electrical lines were hanging … As I completed the turn and started to head out again, I noticed in the side mirror that the line had caught on the back ladder of the Arab and was stretching … Not what you want an electrical line to do. So I backed up away from it. Now it was hanging a mere five feet above the ground between us and the parking lot exit. We didn’t know what to do. We were trapped. The 911 operator was not entirely sure what to do either, but he dispatched an officer to help us figure it out.

That’s how we met a very nice, young policeman from the Pensacola police department named Caleb Henderson. I explained what had happened (including the desire for deviled crab and burgers) and how we got ourselves into this position. He sympathized and agreed that we were missing out by not getting to try Jerry’s. After telling me that he was going to have to issue me a large citation (to which I said, ok, because I sort of thought I deserved it, having partially dismantled the property of a public utility), he laughed and said, “just kidding. I’m not sure how to write it up; and I suspect the wires are hung too low in violation of code, so we’ll just wait for Gulf Coast Power to get here and fix the wire and then you’ll be free to go.” Yay, Officer Henderson!

The end result is that I may be getting a bill from Gulf Coast Power for repairing the line, but as with both the other times, it could have been far worse. I could have pulled down the pole, blown the transformer, squished a parked car … But All’s well that ends well. And we have another adventure story to tell.

We continued along, avoiding anything that looked even remotely low-hanging, viewed the beaches at the Gulf Islands National Seashore, and are spending the night in a hotel in Miramar Beach, so we can have a peaceful evening and do some laundry.

Tomorrow we head up to Andersonville National Historic Site.

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  1. Well, The Arab is certainly getting some street cred, what with all the scuffs and scratches!

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